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Yotta helps local authorities, national agencies and utility companies to manage and make more informed decisions about their infrastructure assets.

East Sussex County Council: Horizons

“Horizons has really changed the way we have conversations at budget time; it enables us to have that evidence conversation.”

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East Sussex County Council: Mayrise Street Lighting

“Mayrise is one of the best street lighting systems on the market and I would be more than happy to stay with it as we move forward through our different contracts.”

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East Sussex CC implements Horizons

“Yotta is helping us strategically; helping us look at our highway network holistically and develop asset management schemes that are cost effective and deliver real value in maintaining our highways. The Yotta team’s skills and knowledge complement our own capabilities perfectly and aid us in making the best decisions based on sound engineering principles.”

Chris Dyer, Highway Asset Manager, East Sussex County Council

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“Mayrise Waste Management gives us the tools we need to record and resolve issues related to the delivery of our waste and recycling service. The system is easy to use – for Customer Service operatives, our client team and our waste contractor, it allows for real time monitoring and reporting and supports our goal for continuous improvement as demonstrated by our steadily improving KPI. ”

Vincent Venus, Street Environment and Parks Manager, Portsmouth City Council

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“Mayrise Street Works helped process the increased volume of information that we required from applicants to issue permits ensuring all relevant boxes were and are ticked. Using the integrated mapping tool we can easily identify the location of proposed works and assess their impact on the wider network. Mayrise also enables us to access supplementary information, if required, via a secure link to the applicant’s server.”

David Latham, Roadworks Manager, Kent County Council

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“It is so much quicker to identify potential schemes using the system than relying on conventional UKPMS outputs and feedback from inspector site visits alone. For example, we were able analyse and identify 21 schemes for 2013 to 2014 with an expected budget of £1.1 million and 37 schemes if the budget were increased to £1.2 million in a very short time. In fact, we were able to do it during our day’s training using Horizons and Yotta support. Manually, it would have taken weeks to complete this work.”

Iolo Jones, Senior Asset Engineer.

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“Yotta’s asset inventory surveying technique is excellent. It provides accurate, reliable data in a very short time and gives us a clear view of the extent and location of our assets enabling us to develop our asset management planning. We are confident in the quality of the data that Yotta provides and have the benefit of being able to revisit the video whenever we need to. The Welsh Government is moving to a centralised asset management system for the whole of Wales and with Yotta’s help we have improved our asset information and are better prepared for the forthcoming changes.”

Chris Nelson, Asset Condition Manager, SWTRA.

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